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75cm 30" Satellite Dish


75cm 30" Dish

75cm 30" Satellite Dish | 30 inch 33 inch 31" 76cm satellite dish 75 76


Focal Length (mm) 468
F/D Ratio 0.64
Efficiency > 70
Reflector Material Electro zinced steel
Reflector Thickness 0.70
Gain at 10.7Ghz dB 37.4
Gain at 11.7Ghz dB 38.0
Gain at 12.5Ghz dB 38.2
Measure 730 x 800
Size 75cm (30")

WS International WS7630 30inch offset dish (75cm)

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WS7630 Dish

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1 $39.99









Great for a single DBS satellite.  Use along with an optional FSS Linear LNB and get satellite signal from the following satellites: AMC 6 satellite @ 72 W, AMC 9 satellite @ 83 W, AMC 16 satellite @ 85 W, AMC 3 satellite @ 87 W, Galaxy 28 satellite @ 89 W, Galaxy 26 satellite @ 93 W, Galaxy 3C satellite @ 95 W, Galaxy 25 satellite @ 97 W, Galaxy 16 satellite @ 99 W, AMC 4 satellite @ 101 W, AMC 15 satellite @ 105 W, Anik F1R satellite @ 107.3 W, Echostar 9 satellite @ 121 W, Galaxy 10R satellite @ 123 W, Galaxy 13 satellite @ 127 W


Use along with an optional DSS Circular LNB and get satellite signal from the following satellites:

Echostar 3 satellite @ 61.5 W, DirecTV 1R satellite @ 72.5 W, Nimiq 2 satellite @ 82 W, Nimiq 1 satellite @ 91 W, DirecTV 4S/8 satellite @ 101 W, DirecTV 5 satellite @ 110 W, Echostar 8 satellite @ 110 W, Echostar 10 satellite @ 110 W, Echostar 7 satellite @ 119 W, DirecTV 7S satellite @ 119 W, Anik F3 satellite @ 119, Echostar 5 satellite @ 129 W, Echostar 1 & 2 satellites @ 148 W


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0.2dB Ku LNB

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Stability is the core of the WS7630 75cm dish antenna


This antenna uses the tripod-type mount to ensure stability and support from wind




The WS7630 dish is well packed in a small double walled heavy duty box to reduce cost for shipping via UPS or FedEx

Packaged well in styrofoam to reduce shipping damages






Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this dish an offest satellite dish or a prime-focal dish?

A: This is a 75cm offset satellite dish. 


Q: Can I install this dish on a dish motor?

A: Yes.  You can install and use this 75cm dish with our most popular dish motors.


Q: What programming can I pick up with this dish?

A: This satellite dish is used to pick up signal from the various satellites that broadcast mostly international channels.  International stations such as Iranian, Persian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Christian broadcasting stations, Chinese stations, and many others.


Q: What size is 75cm in inches?

A:  75cm = 30".


Q:  Can I pick up multiple satellite signals with the same dish?

A:  It depends on the satellite that you are trying to get a strong signal from.  If the satellite requires a 75cm dish or smaller and the two satellites are more than 7 degrees and less than 15 degrees from each other, then you can use this dish, along with a multiple-LNBF bracket to pick up signal from multiple satellites. 


Q:  Can I adjust skew on this 30" dish?

A:  You can not physically adjust for skew from the back of the satellite dish, however, you can adjust the LNBF on the bracket to account for polarization and/or skew.


Q:  Can I install the satellite dish inside behind a window or up in my attic?

A:  No.  In order to lock into a satellite signal, your satellite dish must be in direct line of site with the satellite.  There can be no obstructions blocking the line of sight between the dish antenna and the satellite broadcasting the signal.  You will be able to install the satellite dish behind a single pane window, but not a double. 


Ku Band Dish Information


This is one of the best and most reliable 76 cm satellite dish on the market.  It's manufactured specifically for WS International Global Satellite Distributor.  WS International is the most reputable dish manufacturing company universally. 

Excellent construction and easy installation dish for any Ku band satellite.  Higher Ku band signal gain than the competition.  Comes with a standard easy fit pole mount and wind brace to ensure excellent mounting.  The elevation scale is one of the best.  Easy to read, and very accurate.   The 76cm dish comes with a 40mm LNB clamp and works with DISH Network, DirecTV, FTA, or any other Ku band satellite. 

Since this is constructed with 100% top-end steel, the universal mount is very sturdy & includes wind braes for added security.

Makes an excellent dish for DISH Network or DirecTV when used with a DSS Circular LNB.  Excellent for analog, digital and high definition for DISH or DirecTV specially in fringe areas.

Also works excellent with Galaxy25 (Telstar 5 / Intelsat America's 5) satellites for International programming including Farsi, Iranian, Persian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Nigerian, African, and many more TV stations broadcasting from any Ku band satellite. 

Still want a better signal?


Try our WS9036 dish.  Same as above but in 90cm. It's a 90cm 36" dish according to N. American standards, but it's considered and works perfectly as a 99cm (1m) satellite dish antenna.  Be sure to use a DSS Circular LNBF for reception of DISH Network or DirecTV and a FSS Linear LNB for reception of any other satellite signal (Telstar5, Intelsat America's 5, Galaxy25, AMC4, etc...).




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