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Purchase Terms & Conditions / Return Policy

By purchasing from & receiving products from WS International, by phone, fax, or online, you hereby agree to the following Purchase Terms & Conditions / Return Policy, and Warranty Terms & Conditions:

  • No returns on satellite dish antennas, motors, LNBFs, switches, or any other products or items that installs outside once it's shipped from our warehouses.

  • No returns after 5 days from the date of delivery on qualifying products.

  • No returns on open-box, or refurbished merchandise. 

  • Products that are defective may be returned for exchange or refund within the first 5 days after date of delivery. 

  • Warranty repair service is offered for products that may be found defective after the initial 5 day period. 

  • Minimum 25% restocking fee on all items returned for a refund.

  • Customer is responsible for all shipping charges to our facilities, regardless of return, exchange, or warranty service.

  • WS International pays return shipping (from WS International to you) only on products that are covered under warranty or exchanges that are defective. 

  • WS International is not responsible for any shipping damages.

  • All shipping damages must be reported to the courier & WS International within 48 hours after delivery of product and claim must be filed with the courier.

  • RA form must be submitted and RA# must be used for all returns for refund, exchange, or warranty service.  You can request a RA# by clicking here.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Most merchandise purchased through WS International carry at least a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, unless otherwise noted.  Open-box or refurbished merchandise carry no warranty, but are guaranteed not to be dead on arrival. 

Warranty is extended to the purchaser. Valid copy of original invoice is required for any warranty/repair work. Warranty covers the product when used under normal conditions and used in conjunction with other WS International products and equipment. Warranty does not cover intentional damaged caused by any persons or act of God. Any packages received without a valid RA# will be refused and returned to sender with at senders sole expense. Warranty does not cover shipping charges from you to our repair facility. If product is discovered to be faulty, and repair work has been completed, the cost of shipping back to the customer is paid by WS International for domestic customers within the 48 continental United States. Cost of return shipping is responsibility of customer for all international and customers from outside the continental United States. When sending in your package for warranty repair, please make sure you pack the product with proper packing to avoid shipping damages. There will be a $25.00US bench fee for all products that do not have defective hardware. RA# request form must be filled out and submitted online prior to returning any products for warranty/repair work. RA numbers are ONLY issued via our online RA# request form. Your package must include the following information when sent into our warranty center:

  1. Copy of your original purchase receipt or invoice.

  2. Full detailed description of the problem.

  3. All related accessories.

  4. A copy of the email containing your RA#.

  5. A signed copy of the confirmation page you will see after filling out the RA# request form. 

Warranty covers the following: 

  • Defects in material or workmanship that occur during normal use.

  • Parts & labor.

  • Return shipping from repair center to customer.

  • Hardware failure only.

Warranty does NOT cover the following:

  • Shipping & handling charges from customer to repair center.

  • Return shipping from repair center to customer (for international customers only).

  • Software failure.  This means for example that if you do not know how to program the satellite receiver, or if you are using the incorrect satellite parameters (TP frequency, LNBF frequency, etc......), there is no hardware failure on the product, thus it's not covered under warranty. 

  • Failure caused by "Act of God" like lightning, power surge, flood, etc..

  • Failure caused by using products in conjunction with unauthorized WS International parts or parts not endorsed by WS International or the product manufacturer.

  • Failure caused by faulty installations or by using too much force.  For example if you use a wrench to tighten the "F" fittings onto a motor port or LNBF port causing the port to break. 

  • Liquid damage / water damage.

  • Cosmetics (cabinet, housing, etc...)

  • Batteries.

  • Shipping damages.

  • Unauthorized modifications.

Warranty is null & void if you or any other person(s) or company, unauthorized by WS International or manufacturer to open the housing of any merchandise, or if the warranty seal is broken.   


How To Obtain Warranty Repair Service

If the merchandise you have purchased becomes defective within the warranty period offered by WS International or the manufacturer, please follow the instructions below to obtain warranty repair service:

  1. Email tech@wsidigital.com with a description of your problem.  In most cases, we are able to resolve most issues not covered under warranty by email or phone. 

  2. If you are certain that the merchandise is defective and is covered under warranty, visit our online Return Authorization Number (RA#) request page by clicking here.

  3. Read all instructions, and terms and conditions carefully and follow all instructions.

  4. Fill out the information on the form to the best of your ablity & submit it.

  5. Print 2 copies of the confirmation page.

  6. Once we receive your request, we will email you a RA# along with additional detailed instructions within 24-48hrs

  7. Print the email you received.

  8. Put the RA# on the confirmation page you printed on step 5.

  9. Follow the instructions on the email to return your merchandise for warranty repair. 

  10. Include a copy of the email containing your RA# and a signed copy of the confirmation page (Step 5) along with your package and ship it to the address on the email that was sent to you. 

When filling out the RA# requst form, you will be asked to provide a valid credit card number.  Your credit card will be used for any fees, charges, or credits assessed to your return, if any.  This includes bench fees for "No Problem Found" or a credit that may be due if you are returning and item for refund.  If your merchandise is defective, and it's covered under warranty, there will be no charges made to your credit card.   


Please email tech@wsidigital.com if you have any questions regarding any of our terms and conditions.

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