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DiSEqC1.2 Dish Motor HH Mount Installation Guide SG2100 / SG6000

Installation Guide for DiSEqC Motor


PVLEV1 image

First make sure you have all the satellite installation parts you need to install your new digital satellite motor.  It's recommended that you install your motor on a satellite dish tripod or on a pole on the ground.  You can purchase a regular fence pole at any home improvement store like Lowe's or Home Depot.  Make sure you have purchased a level to make sure you mounting pole is 100% plum. 


Make sure & purchase a SF95 satellite signal finder / meter because it will help you guide your motor to the true south azimuth location.  The meter will go off every time you get a satellite signal, so, when you keep on turning the motor, if the meter keeps going off, you know you have properly aligned the dish to the satellite arc.  If not, you may need to keep adjusting for the proper azimuth.  (Read the installation instruction guide below first)


Assemble your antenna onto your satellite dish motor and install the motor assembly along with the dish onto your post / mount / tripod.


Use the calculator here to find your Latitude or you can use the calculator below.  Once you have found your latitude, set it on the side of the dish motor marked "latitude".



Latitude & Longitude Calculator

You can calculate your latitude and longitude by entering your zip code here: 


City:   State (optional):   or a 5-digit zip code:


Now, figure out your declination angle.  You can do that by looking in the manual of the HH motor mount.  In the back, you see a chart.  Simply plug in your latitude and look to see the declination angle that it gives you.  Based on the motor you are using, you need to subtract that angle from either 30 degrees or 40 degrees.  This becomes the elevation of your dish antenna.  Example: the latitude of Marietta, GA is 33.98 degrees.  When you plug that in, you will see a declination angel of 5.51 degrees.  When you subtract this from 40 degrees, the elevation of your satellite dish then needs to be set to 34.49 degrees. 



Now that you have set both the elevation of the motor and the elevation of your dish properly, you need to set your azimuth.  Basically, you will need to point the motor, when at zero degrees (see picture below) to true south.  You can calculate for true south like this:  SOUTH +/- MAGNETIC DEVIATION.


Enter your zip code below for your magnetic deviation

Enter your zip code below.  On the next screen click on "Compute Declination"

Enter your zip code here:


Now, point your motor assembly and dish (must be located at zero degrees, see picture below) to true south. 


satellite hh motor for dish diagram

Hook up your coaxial cable to the motor and to your USALS enabled or any other DiSEqC1.2 satellite receiver.  Turn on your satellite receiver and go to your DiSEqC1.2 or USALS setup screen.  Make sure to go to a live transponder.  You can get a list of live transponders at either www.lyngsat.com or click here for our satellite and transponder list.  If using USALS, type your latitude & longitude, choose the satellite and the motor should turn to the particular satellite you are looking for.  Check to see if you have a signal locked in.  If you do have a signal locked in, store the position and choose a second satellite.  If are also getting a signal on a second satellite, store the position and try to lock on to a third satellite that's further away, if you can do so, then congratulations!  you have just installed a motorized satellite system.


If you do not have a signal locked in when your motor moves to the first satellite position, then you may want to double check and triple check and make sure that all your settings (True South, Azimuth, Elevation, & Declination) & angels are correct and that the motor is USALS compatible. 


If you can get a satellite signal locked in on your primary or most southern satellite and no other, try to adjust for your true south.


If you can't get any satellites locked in, then try to use the formula Satellite Location Minus Latitude and use the DiSEqC1.2 option of the receiver to move your motor east & west.  For example, the latitude for Marietta, GA is 84.5 degrees.  If I want to point to the Galaxy 25 satellite at 97 degrees west, I would need to move the motor to 12.5 degrees WEST.




The Manual Button doesnt work


1. Make sure the power of receiver is on and the indication

LED on the bottom of the motor lights on.

2. Check every devices between receiver and motor.


The Manual Button can only drive

the motor toward West


For East movement: Press the manual button twice within 1

second or shorter.


The Motor doesnt work


1. Make sure all cables and power are well connected. The

LED on the bottom lights on.

2. Make sure the motor is not blocked by the software limits.

Try to use the manual button, which is only limited by

hardware limits.

3. Check if the receiver supports DiSEqC 1.2 and if the

DiSEqC 1.2 system has been enabled.


The Motor stops at a certain

position and cant go further.


1. Disable the software limits and drive the motor again.

2. Check if its stopped by the hardware limit sliders.

3. Make sure the Motor or antenna is not interfered with any

other item.


The Motor runs discontinuously


1. Make sure the antenna is not too heavy or too large. The

maximum size is 1.2 m.

2. Check if the cable quality is good enough. Try to use a

better RG-6/U cable.

3. Check if the output power of the receiver is less than



The Motor runs sometimes fast

and sometimes slowly.


The speed of the Motor is according to the output voltage (13

/18V) of the receiver. Vertical=13V=slow



All satellite positions are not



1. Goto One satellite position via receiver. Wait for about 30

seconds until the motor stops.

2. Drive the antenna East or West until the reception of this

satellite is clear.

3. Use Re-calculate Function to correct position via receiver.


Use Goto 0 position Function to go to 0 degree as a reference



The Motor runs but stops

somehow immediately


This could be caused by a loosen magnet on the rear end of the

DC motor inside. Please contact your vendor for repair.


The Motor doesnt make any

movement, but clicks from inside

of the motor can be heard


1. Check if the dish is too heavy. The maximum size of the

antenna is 1.2 m.

2. The DC motor inside is broken. Please contact your vendor

for repair.



Below is a list of satellites that you can pick up with your motor.  Check out this page for all the up to date satellite listings directory.


Learn how to read the chart

Color codes on this regional index:

No data/L/S/Ka band

C band

C & Ku band

Ku band


When it comes down to getting a motorized satellite system, there are many systems to choose from.  Recommendation is to always go with a blind search (blind scan / smart scan) receiver.  So what's the benefit of a blind search receiver?  Will it help you with the installation?  Nope!  Blind search has nothing to do with the ease of your satellite installation.  In fact, if you think installing a motorized system is very easy, think again.  It's by far not impossible, but you do have to spend some time and be patient.  First make sure you have all the installation equipment you need, so you don't waste time and start getting frustrated.  Here is a list of a few items that may come in handy when you go to install your system:


-SF-95 satellite signal finder / meter

-Satellite self installation kit

-Professional meter & clinometer (AF1)

-14mm, 12mm, 10mm, & 7/16 inch socket & combination wrench


All the satellite channels are being broadcasted via transponders.  Each transponder carries a certain amount of TV and Radio Channels.  In order for a normal receiver to be able to scan the channels from a satellite, it must have the transponder programmed into the receiver.  Each transponder has 4 specifications. 


1.  Frequency

2.  Symbol Rate

3.  Polarity

4.  Forward Error Correction (FEC)


In most receivers the FEC is automatically set by the receiver, so you don't have to worry about inputting that in the receiver.  You do however need to input the other 3 specifications, then scan in the transponder for the channels. 


In case of a blind search / blind scan receiver, the receiver will search the satellite and automatically find the 4 specifications of the transponder.  Therefore, you will always have the latest channels that are being broadcasted off of the satellite.  Once new transponders are available, all you do is just scan your satellite receiver.  The receiver will re-program itself with all the up to date transponder frequency, symbol rate, polarity, and FEC. 


So the choice is simple.  Get a blind search motorized satellite system and always be up to date with all the FTA channels that are broadcasted from the Various satellites.


 Combine & Save

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1 DIYE Installation Kit

1 SF-95 Signal Finder

1 In-Line amplifier

1 Coaxial surge protector

 Combine & Save

1 DIYE Installation Kit

1 SF-95 Signal Finder


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