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Persian Dish Iranian Satellite Dish System | Persian satellite tv

Press PLAY below to watch a LIVE satellite stream currently being broadcasted from the Galaxy 19 satellite which broadcasts all the Persian / Iranian TV channels in North America

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آنتن 90 سانتی متر برای بهترین سیگنال
برای بهترین کیفیت تصویر LEXIUM گیرنده
  برای عملیات طولانی ESX521 مدل LNBF  

اینجا را کلیک کنید برای اطلاعات درباره این سیستم های ماهواره ای

بزرگترین توزیع کننده ماهواره در قاره آمریکا شمالی

  • Jaam-e-Jam International جام جام اينترنشنال: This channel is the leader in Persian entertainment. It delivers entertainment programs for the whole family.

  • Persian Broadcasting Company: Persian Broadcasting Company (PBC) / Tapesh 1 is one of the most popular 24-hour-per-day Farsi-language television networks. Tapesh 1 programming includes a variety of news, entertainment, music, movies, sports, educational, cultural, youth and family oriented programming. Tapesh 1 offers viewers at least 1 full length feature film each day. The wide variety of programming on Tapesh 1 appeals to Persians, Afghans, Tajikis, Armenians, Iraqis and more from around the world.

  • Payam TV: Family programming entertainment

  • Markazi TV: Features an array of entertainment, documentary, International and American films including short films, a variety of International and American music

  • Hakha TV: Political programs about the political life in IRAN.

  • PEN TV: Persian Entertainment Network, a channel all about Music, Movies, and Entertainment.

  • Didar TV: A channel all about Music videos.

  • AFN TV: AFN Farsi Net works with various Radio and TV satellite companies. American Farsi Net was founded in 1993. It is the first Iranian satellite radio and TV. AFN Farsi Net broadcasts radio and television via satellite all over in United States and for the past seven years has transmitted to other areas such as Europe, Iran, and Canada so Iranians around the globe can benefit from the service.

  • OMID E Iran TV: Omid-e-Iran was inaugurated in 1995, its mission to broadcast to the Iranian community of Southern California. It's scope and longitude immediately broadened to include the international Iranian community and it is now one of the most respected and popular international television networks in the world.

  • Jam-e-Jam IRIB TV جام جام: Daily news reports, programs such as "Economic Magazine", "Good Morning Compatriot", "Wolfs", "Blossom", "Azan", "Alphabet City", and many more.

  • Pars TV بارس : Pars TV was founded in May 1989 with the intention of broadcasting its Iranian Community programming throughout the Southern California area. In August 1998, Pars TV acquired a satellite channel from Taipei International in order to target its audiences throughout the United States (including Hawaii, and Alaska), Canada and Mexico. Since becoming the first Iranian satellite network, Pars TV has reached audiences across the world, broadcasting to all of Asia-and Europe and reaching thousands of viewers of various backgrounds and ethnicities. At present, Pars TV has programs in Farsi, English, Azari and Armenian.

  • IRAN TV Network تلويزيون ايران: The Iran TV Network offers viewers the finest Persian language programming, broadcast live, 24 hours a day. Iran TV's programming line-up includes an abundant selection of enjoyable family entertainment, informative daily news reports from Iran, engaging dramas, the finest and popular music videos, and educational programming for children of all ages.

  • NITV National Iranian TV: World news, and current affairs programs. National Iranian TV broadcasts in Farsi language and reaches millions of viewers worldwide, including several million in Iran where the channel is very popular with those wishing to learn more about the Iranian communities and lifestyles in the United States.

  • IRIB-Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting: World news, and current affairs programs. Broadcasts in Farsi language.

  • Radio IRAN: Radio Iran KIRN 670 is an audio channel that delivers music and news updates 24 hours a day in Farsi language. The programming originates from Los Angeles.

  • Azadi TV: Founded in September 2001 with the aim of providing a platform for dialogue regarding the past, present and future of Iran. Its goal is to provide television that will encourage and inspire discussions and debates that will ultimately promote individual freedoms and collective rights in the homeland.

  • Rang-A-Rang TV DC: As the only premiere Farsi language production and broadcasting company on the East Coast of the United States, Rang-A-Rang has been serving Virginia, Maryland & Washington D.C. since 1989. Today, through Direct-to-Home Satellite technology, Rang-A-Rang is offering 24-hour Farsi programming with coverage throughout the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, Canada & Latin America.

  • Appadana International  أبادانا رنكارنك : The International Programming Network (IPN) is a Persian-language shopping channel focusing on the sale of goods and services for the Persian community living in North America and abroad.

  • LA Home Shopping Entertainment TV (LAHSE TV): A 24-hour Persian home shopping and entertainment channel. Viewers may preview beautiful Persian rugs, fine jewelry, and other items on the channel and contact LAHSE TV to purchase merchandise. LAHSE TV also features popular Persian music videos.

  • Radio Sedaye Iran (KRSI): Farsi-language audio service featuring music, live news updates, morning shows, talk shows, home and family-oriented programming, English-language instruction shows and much more.

  • Tamasha TV: A general entertainment Persian-language network that airs documentaries, live talk shows, music videos, news, and family programming.

  • Channel One Television: An Iranian television station, broadcasts live programming 24-hours a day and airs content produced specifically for the Iranian community in the U.S. Channel One Television has become a leader in broadcasting and producing Farsi-language entertainment, in less than 2 years, mixing news and current affairs programming with cultural entertainment.

Noruz (also spelled Norouz, Noe-Rooz, Norooz, Noruz, Novruz, Noh Ruz, Nauroz, Nav-roze, Navroz, Nowrouz) is the traditional Iranian festival of spring which starts at the exact moment of the vernal equinox, commencing the start of the spring. It is considered as the start of the New Year among Iranians.


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