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Fortec Star Digital FTA Satellite Receiver Model: Dynamic

Dynamic | Fortec Star Satellite Receiver

Fortec Star Dynamic | Dinamic Digital FTA Satellite Receiver for C & Ku

Replaced by our Fortec Star Fortune

Back View - Fortec Star Dynamic | Mercury 2 Satellite Receiver

 Back Panel Dynamic Mercury II digital FTA satellite receiver

Component Video Output S-Video & CH3/4 RF Modulator Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control Users Manual


The Fortec Star Dynamic is made in Korea and has been voted #1 by WS International!!!!


Digital Free To Air Satellite Receiver

Free To Air FTA Digital C and Ku Band satellite receiver


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Dynamic FTA Receiver

Buy More, Save More

Qty Price/pc
1-4 $125.00










Adding a 2nd receiver?  Don't forget your dual LNBF


Adding a 3rd or 4th receiver?  Don't forget your 3X4 switch, Dual LNBF & Diplexers

Great for reception of Free To Air (FTA) channels from either a single or multiple Ku or C band satellite anywhere in the World.


Fortec Star has done it again.  The Dynamic is a superb satellite receiver with a powerful blind search and DiSEqC 1.2 for controlling satellite dish motors. 


Receiver Includes:

     RCA Type Cables

     2pcs AAA Batteries

     User's Manual

     Remote Control

     1-Year Manufacturers Warranty 

Universal Remote Control Users Manual


Upgrade Your System Here


Dual LNB Linear Ku band Digital Ready

Surge Protector

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In-Line Amp

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Dual Ku LNBF

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Fortec Star is one of the most popular satellite brand on the market, not only in the USA, but also in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  The Fortec Star Dynamic is made in Korea with quality components, supplies and parts and comes with a full 1-year warranty.  This receiver is the most user-friendly satellite receiver and easy to setup.  Hobbyist's favorite.  It's customers number 1 choice because of the component video output and excellent picture quality.  Below are some screen shots and brief explanation of the menu and the receiver functions.

Galaxy 19 Galaxy 25 & AMC 4 Channel Setup Diagram for Fortec Star FTA Satellite Receiver | Traxis

Colorful & Interactive screen with over 20 languages.  These languages are:






















You are prompted to choose your choice of language the first time you turn the receiver on.



Under System Setup, you can change your language of choice to any of the languages listed above, you can choose your TV type, like PAL or NTSC.  in the USA, we use NTSC.  You can also take advantage of the Parental Lock option to lock a certain channel or the menus.  You can setup your time for the front panel of the receiver.  More details on this function is below.


Under channel manager, you can edit your channel list, you can rename, change it's specifications and much more.  You can also sort your channel list according to different criteria.  You can also create a favorite channel list by different categories like Movies, Sports, Etc...


The receiver comes with 100 programmable satellites and 6000 programmable TV and Radio stations.


By pressing a single button, the user has access to the full channel list and can sort the list according to satellite, network, etc...


Similar to POWER Scan, this function will scan in the TV stations, but it only scans them based on the transponder parameters ( Frequency, Symbol Rate, & Polarization) that is already programmed in the satellite receiver.



One of the most popular features of this receiver is it's Channel Backup & Recovery system.  When you setup your channel list, simply back up the list.  When and if you accidentally erase the channel list, you can simply go to Channel Recovery and bring the exact same channels back according to the way they were previously programmed.  No need to program the receiver again!


Excellent sound and picture quality.


Simply press the "info" button on the remote to display the channel parameters including Audio PID, Video PID, PCR, broadcasting transponder frequency, symbol rate and plarization.


Another useful function which is not abundant on other satellite receivers is that not only does the clock of the receiver function according to the satellite, but you can also offset the time by the exact minuites.  This is important as the satellite times are not always correct. 

Screen Shot of Fortec Star Dynamic FTA Satellite Receiver

Excellent installation choices under the Installation Menu.  Your options are Setup, Auto Scan, TP Scan, Factory Reset and most important the powerful POWER Scan | Blind Search Function.


DVB MPEG2 MPEG MPEG4 FTA | Broadcaster Satellite Receiver

Under channel manager, you can edit your channel list, you can rename, change it's specifications and much more.  You can also sort your channel list according to different criteria.  You can also create a favorite channel list by different categories like Movies, Sports, Etc...



This is where  you setup your antenna.  You have a full list of pre-programmed satellites.  You choose your LNB type and frequency here also.  You can choose your DiSEqC ports and 0/22KHz switching.  The receiver also recognizes the carrier automatically.  The receiver has DiSEqC1.2 ( Motor Control ) also which allows you to automatically turn your dish from one satellite to another.


The receiver comes with a powerful POWER Scan function with editable parameters controlled by the user.  User can set starting frequency, ending frequency, and a full range of Symbol Rate.  Also you can choose the type of stations you'd like to scan, Scrambled, FTA, or both.  You can also change the polarity to Vertical, Horizontal or Both.  Blind Search or POWER Scan allows you to find new Transponder frequencies and new channels for you.


By pressing a single button the user can check the quality and level of the signal and also can use it as a signal meter to help align the satellite dish


Similar to Auto Scan, TP scan only scans 1 Transponder that is already programmed int he receiver. 


One of the better futures is the timer on this receiver.  Simply program your VCR and Receiver to turn on at a certain time and turn off at a certain time to record your favorite shows.  Choose how often, and choose for the receiver to turn on, turn off, or change channels to a a certain station.


The dynamic receiver also offers 4 different multi-channel functions.  Click here for a video demonstration modes of channel.  This is great to still watch your programming in the center of the screen while seeing what else is on other stations.


Another great feature of the receiver is the Signal Beep Sound.  When turned on, this function beeps as you lock on to your satellite signal.  It's an excellent and useful tool to use when you can not physically look at the monitor while aligning your satellite dish.

The Fortec Star Dynamic Satellite Receiver is a powerful satellite receiver ideal for satellite enthusiast. This new model has component out.  The receiver has an easy-to-use Menu, yet is feature-rich. Dynamic  comes with a comprehensive Power Scan for blind searching satellites. Users can back up their channel list before upgrading the software, and then restore the channel list, all from within the receiverís own menu. The front panel has 8 buttons allowing complete control of the receiverís functions without the use of the remote. The back panel has all the connection options you would need, with RCA composite jacks, component jacks (Y,Pb,Pr), and an S-video connection.

What does BLIND SEARCH (aka SMART or POWER SCAN) mean?  It means that the receiver will do an automatic scan of the incoming satellite signal in small steps for active symbolrates to determine if there are any live transponder signals transmitting Free to air TV or radio channels.  In this special search feature, the receiver will not only identify the frequency but also the symbol rate, polarity, FEC, and PIDS.  It will then store these transponders and any FTA channels it finds in its memory.  Any encrypted channels it finds will not be displayed, instead you will see "BAD or ENCRYPTED SIGNAL".  These are not FTA and will require subscription.

The BLIND SEARCH feature comes in handy if a channel has relocated to a new transponder or if you have a motorized C and/or KU band dish and enjoy surfing the satellites for available FTA channels.

Watch Free-to-air International & ethnic TV and Radio Channels  on Telstar 5 satellite, Galaxy 10R, AMC4, Galaxy 3C, and other satellites.  High quality and fast system! One of the fastest consumer receivers in the market today. Switches channels in a fraction of a second.



  • Channel Back-up and Channel recovery function
  • 8-button Menu Control on the front panel
  • Component video (Y,Pb,Pr) and S-Video connections
  • 3 RCA connections (1 Video, 2 Audio L/R)
  • POWER Scan (blind search) with complete parameter control
  • One-button quick start Power Scan on the remote
  • One-button jump to Channel Edit function
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 audio pass-through (optical)
  • 100 programmable satellites and 6,000 programmable channels
  • Timer function for Sleep / Wake Up / VCR Record and Channel Reminder
  • Fully MPEG 2 / DVB compliant, MCPC/SCPC, C/KU reception
  • 1 LNB input with IF loop through for 2nd receiver
  • Manual PID scan function
  • DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS supported
  • Picture-In-Graphics function
  • Multi-Picture (4,9, 13 or 16 pictures) function
  • ZOOM In/Out
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Multi language menu
  • 8 favorite channel group selection and parental lock
  • Close Caption Supported
  • Data transfer: receiver-to-receiver or PC-to-receiver

IF / Tuner

Input Frequency

950 MHz to 2150 MHz

Input Signal Level

-30 to -65dBm

Input Impedance

75 ohm nominal

Input Connector

F-type, IEC 169-24, Female

FEC Decoder

Convolution Code Rate l/2, 2/3, 3/4,

5/6 and 7/8 with Constraint Length K=7



Symbol rate

1-45 Ms/s SCPC/MCPC

IF Frequency

Zero IF

LNB Power & Polarization

V13 / H18, 500mA MAX. overload protection

DiSEqC Control

DiSEqC. 1.0, 1.1 / DiSEqC 1.2 Compatible


USALS compatible



NEC 61114

Flash Memory

2 Mbytes


16 Mbytes

Satellite Capacity


Channel Capacity


Audio / Video Decoding

Video Decoder

MPEG-2 MP@ML (ISO/IEC 13818-2)

Input Rate

60Mbit/s Max

Video Resolution

720 x 480(NTSC)

Aspect Ratio

4:3, 16:9 (Letter Box)

Audio Decoder

MPEG Layer I &

Audio Mode

Mono L/R, Dual Channel, Joint Stereo, Stereo

Audio Sampling Frequency

32, 44.1, 48 KHz

Audio / Video Output


RCA composite, component (Y,Pb,Pr), S-Video

Audio R/L

RCA/Cinch Volume & Mute Control


Digital Audio Output

DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 Pass-through

Serial Data Interface

Connector Type

9 Pin D-Sub (male)


RS-232C, Max. 115200Bps

Power Supply

Supply Voltage

100VAC ~ 120VAC 60Hz(SMPS)

Power Consumption

Max. 30W



Approx. 2.52 Kg


300(W) x 210(D) x 60(H)mm


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