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LEXIUM Fast Align® 5100Pro Professional Satellite Meter Finder


Satellite Meter | Satellite Finder

The original

LEXIUM FastAlign® 7100Pro

Professional Satellite Meter!

with AutoFind Technology!

Automatically Displays The Satellite Name Of The Satellite

You Are Pointing To, without a single push of a button! 


Only $259.00 + shipping!


What if there was a professional satellite meter that would display the satellite name, and signal quality every time you would point to a satellite, without a single push of a button?  Well, now there is.  It's called AutoFind Technology® and it's exclusively available inside the LEXIUM FastAlign® 7100Pro satellite signal meter!  Save time by knowing exactly where you on the satellite arch.  When you see which satellite you are locked on to, you will easily know if you need to move your dish east or west to point to your targeted satellite.  See video below for full explanation.

Quick Start Guide Frequently Asked Questions / Troubleshoot Basic Operations Guide


The new AutoFind Technology®  is an automatic satellite recognition technology that recognizes & displays the name of the satellite you are pointing to from the programmed list of satellites in its databank.  In addition, the FastAlign® 7100Pro displays your signal quality so you can make sure you get the highest possible signal while by the satellite dish.  As you move your satellite dish across the Clark belt, every time your satellite dish receives signal from a programmed satellite, the meter displays it along with your quality bar reading. 

Traditional professional satellite meters only give you a signal quality reading after you specify your targeted satellite that you are trying to point to.  The problem with this is that you don't know in which direction you need to move your dish in order to hit your targeted satellite because there is no indication of where on the Clark belt you are.  With the FastAlign® 7100Pro when you see which satellite you are getting a signal from, you will know if you need to move your dish to the left or right (east or west), up or down because it displays the name of the satellite you are currently on, making the satellite you are actually receiving signal from a point of reference.  This makes your job a lot easier and allows you to quickly install and get signal from your targeted satellite! For example: In North America, your targeted satellite is Galaxy 19 (@ 97W), and the meter displays SES 1 (@ 101W) as you are moving your satellite dish, you know you will have to move left (east) and down just a little until you find Galaxy 19.  It's that simple.

Another technology built into the FastAlign® 7100, is the QuickSweep® technology.  The QuickSweep® technology makes the meter react to & display your signal reception very quickly so that there is no lag time between the time the signal hits your dish to the time that it's displayed on your FastAlign® 7100.  This will allow you to quickly sweep your dish across the satellite arc, without having to worry about passing by & possibly missing your targeted satellite.

Key Features:

  • DiSEqC1.2 Compatible
  • DiSEqC1.1 Compatible
  • DiSEqC1.0 Compatible
  • Fully Programmable
  • USB Interface
  • AutoFind® Technology
  • QuickSweep® Technology
  • Displays TP Frequency
  • Backlight - Display Illumination - Day & Night Mode
  • Speed Management
  • On/Off Timer (Automatically turns off your meter after idle to save battery life)
  • Factory Default / Meter Reset Feature
  • TP Name Editable
  • Satellite Name Editable
  • Satellite Location Editable
  • Load Satellite Name / TP Specifications Via Computer or Manually Using Meter
  • 8 Transponders Programmable Per Satellite
  • 27 Satellites Programmable
  • Easy To Read Oversized Display
  • LNB LO Frequency Programmable
    • 10750MHz
    • 9750MHz
    • 10600MHz
    • 11300MHz
    • 9750/10600MHz
    • 5150MHz
    • 5750MHz

As you you have read according to the above specifications, in addition to DiSEqC1.0 and DiSEqC1.1, the FastAlign® 7100 also features DiSEqC1.2, making it capable of moving any DiSEqC motor on the market including the most popular SG9120 & SG9120B motors.  In addition, the display of the meter displays large, easy to read characters and signal quality bar. 

You can easily update the satellite list and transponder specifications and data on the meter using the four buttons on the meter, or you can download the loader software (coming soon) for the meter and update the satellite list and transponder data using your own personal computer or laptop. 

Other features include a timer that turns off your meter within 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, or 90 minutes of non use.  This features turns off your FastAlign® 7100 and saves your battery life if you forget to turn it off after use.  The back light illumination allows you to use the meter in the dark to align and install your satellite dish.  The meter is also compatible with a large selection of the most popular LNBFs on the market. 

The meter includes a home charger / wall charger, along with 8 rechargeable AA batteries, protective carrying case and neck strap.  If your meter ever runs out of batteries during your work day, you can easily purchase & replace with any AA battery from the store and continue to your next installation.  Additional rechargeable batteries (1.2V 2700mAh) are available for purchase through your local LEXIUM distributor, or you can use any other AA battery readily available from any local electronic store or center. 

LEXIUM FastAlign 7100Pro Satellite Meter with AutoFind Technology

FastAlign 7100Pro by LEXIUM 

Click On Picture For More Information!

Information Request

FastAlign 7100Pro

Buy More, Save More



Any Qty


This is the first and only professional grade satellite meter that will actually display the names of the different satellites that you are pointing to as you swing your satellite dish from one side to another using the exclusive AutoFind technology available only on the LEXIUM FastAlign 7100Pro professional satellite meter finder!

See Demo Video Here


- 1pc AC Wall Charger

- 8 Rechargeable AA batteries

- 1pc Protective Case

- Neck Strap

- Users Manual

Get More Info Here

Why do some satellite names not displayed under "Auto Search" function?
When using the Auto Search function, also known as the AutoFind® function, the particular satellite must be enabled and turned on to be used with the AutoFind® function.  You can simply follow the instructions below to activate this function for any satellite you desire.  We have put together a video that will walk you through as well:


  1. Turn your meter on by pressing the "F4" key.

  2. Choose Day or Night mode by pressing the "F2" or "F3" button respectively.

  3. Keep Pressing the "F2" or "F3" buttons until you see "ADDITIONAL FUN.".

  4. Press "OK" by pressing the "F1" button & enter the additional function section of the meter.

  5. Keep Pressing the "F2" or "F3" buttons until you see "EDITOR".

  6. Press "OK" by pressing the "F1" button and enter the editing section of the meter.

  7. Choose the satellite you want to turn the AutoFind® function on for by pressing the "F2" or "F3" buttons.

  8. Press "OK" by pressing the "F1" button & enter the editing section for that particular satellite.

  9. Keep Pressing the "F2" or "F3" buttons until you see "AUTO SEARCH".

  10. Press the "F1" button.

  11. At this point, the word "OFF" will blink. 

  12. switch to "ON" by pressing the "F2" or "F3" button.  The screen will display "ONF".

  13. When done, and to save, press "F1" button.

  14. You will see a message that displays "TO KEEP ?".  Choose "YES" by pressing the "F1" button.

At this point, this satellite is now turned on to automatically display when you use the meter in AutoFind® mode.


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