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WS International ESX241 C Band Digital LNBFBSC421 BSC 421 JSC JSC421

ESX241 C Band LNBF 

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Included in the box in addition to your LNBF is

Scalar Ring with Dielectric Plate for Circular reception and Hardware Pack



The choice is clear!  WS International is a brand you can rely on year after year for excellent and outstanding performance!



Why is the WS International C and Ku band LNB and LNBFs are top of the line and quality LNBFs?

The WS International  line of C band, Ku band & CKU band LNB and LNBFs are the newest and best developed line of satellite LNB & LNBFs in the world.  They have been tested and developed under strict German engineering group's specification & supervision, along with the long experience of WS International's concern of the needs of it's customers  built in 1 great performing LNB.  We have designed this line to meet the needs of our customers: TV & radio stations, cable operators, & broadcasters, so it ensures the best quality reception and will continue to work excellent in tough weather conditions and climates.  The WS International  line of LNB and LNBF's are backed by WS International 100% and have been torture tested to withstand punishment.  Where all other brands fail, everybody turns to WS International to lead and passes with flying colors.   

This line is sure to quickly become  upon the favorite brand and model among network & cable TV engineers, operators, and hobbyist.  If you have tried other WS International brand products and have been impressed, the new WS International line is not any different. 

The 241 is a high stability single LNB that allows reception of C band signals with the highest possible signal level and quality.  This QUAD Polarization C band LNB is great for any size C band dish and works on any C band satellite.

Can I use this LNBF with offset and prime focus satellite dish antennas?

The answer is yes.  This incredible high gain LNBF can be used with any price focus BUD or any 120cm similar size dish for an incredible miniBUD setup.  Use it with The WS International WSKU2C Conical Scalar Ring.

WS International ESX241 C Band Digital Read LNBF

C Band Digital Ready LNBF Dual Polarization C Banda LNB

4DTV 4 DTV C band Satellite 4DTV LNB LNBF LNB LNBF



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WS International High-End C Band LNBF.  Dual Polarization C band LNBF.  Great for any size C band dish and works on any C band satellite.  Great for 4DTV.  Use this with your Free To Air receiver for C band reception.  Must be used on 1.8m dish or larger.  Unit comes with Dielectric plate for reception of circular satellite signals. 



C Band

Input Frequency:


Output Frequency:


Noise Figure:





4 (Hor/Ver/LC/RC)


Great Deal On Accessories When You Make A Purchase!  Choose below


Getting a low signal? Try an In-Line Amplifier.

LNBF keeps going out?  Get a Surge Protector.


High-End Digital C Band LNBF, Without The Price Tag!!!


Want to use your C band or C KU band LNBF on an offset dish?

conical scalar ring

Manufactured by WS International

So you know it's good quality!


Excellent to use for Circular C band reception


The new WS International 241 is a new C Band LNBF that is capable of receiving signal from C band satellites that broadcast between 3.4GHz to 4.2GHz.  They will work with any Free To Air or 4DTV satellite receiver.  Get the best satellite signal reception with an unbelievable 70dB gain while maintaining a super low noise figure of 13K.


If you want the best, Rely On WS!

  • Quad Polarity

  • Easy to read marking and indicators for focal and polarity adjustment

  • Super high gain of 70dB while maintaining low noise figure


C Band
Input Frequency: 3.4-4.2GHz
Output Frequency: 950-1750MHz
Noise Figure: 13K
Gain: 70dB
Polarity: 2 (Hor/Ver)






What does LNB and LNBF stand for?

LNB stands for Low Noise Block.  LNBF stands for Low Noise Block Feed.


What is the difference between LNB and LNBF?

LNB usually only receives signal from 1 polarity (Vertical or Horizontal for Linear FSS and Right or Left for Circular DSS)  A good example of of a LNB is our ESX211.  The rest are mostly LNBF's.  Usually Vertical and Right polarities operate on 13V DC and Horizontal and Left polarities operate on 18V DS.


What is the difference between a Standard Ku band LNBF, Normal Ku band LNBF, and Universal Ku band LNBF?

There are 3 main types of LNBF's.  The first is Standard.  Standard & Normal LNB and LNBF's are the same.  They are FSS linear and the frequency range is from 11.7GHz to 12.2GHz.  The second type of LNB/F is Universal.  The frequency range for a universal LNBF is 10.7GHz to 12.75GHz.  This is more popular in Europe and the Middle East because their satellite broadcast within the 10.70GHz to 12.75GHz.  The third and the most popular in the United States for DISH Network & DirecTV is DSSDSS LNBF's are always circular.  The frequency range is 12.2GHz to 12.7GHz.


What is the difference between linear and circular LNBF's?

Linear covers Horizontal and Vertical.  Circular covers Left and Right.  Circular hits your dish more like a screw that is turning as its coming down. 


Is C band Linear or Circular?

C band, just like Ku band can be either linear or circular.  Most C band satellites are linear rather than circular. 


Are your C band LNB or LNBF's Linear or Circular? 

Our ESX241, ESX242, and ESX244 (C-band LNBF) models come with a di-electric plate which allows the reception of circular signals as well.  Without inserting the di-electric plate, the LNBF only receives linear signal.


How do I know if I need a linear or circular LNBF?

Click Here or go to lyngsat.com and choose the satellite you are trying to pick up.  Under the transponder frequency column (Freq. Tp) you will see a letter next to the frequency.  If the letters used are R or L (Right or Left), then it's a circular broadcasting transponder.  If you see the letters H or V (Horizontal or Vertical), then it's a linear broadcasting transponder. 


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